Monday, April 16, 2012

PRETTY MAIDS - It Comes Alive

Coming from Denmark, and celebrating their 30th year, Pretty Maids is a band that has always being productive, and created songs that stood the test of time. Their 2010 Pandemonium album became also a favorite for both fans and media, and a long time request by fans for a live CD/DVD now it's a reality. Now, this is a double CD/DVD, containing 21 songs, that cover all their career, and all are of top quality. Including all their classics, from the speedy and groovy tunes, to their most melodic moments, and covering all their career, the choice of songs is excellent, and will leave all fans asking for more. Another strong point here, besides music, is the reaction of the audience, which is almost incredible. Screaming, cheering, singing along, and participating in any possible way, they seem to have a great time and also making the band having a good time also. The production is very good, preserving the atmosphere of the live, leaving space for the audience's reactions when needed but also showing all the details of the music. The band sounds very good, performing both their latest and their early 80's hits with the same ease and quality, and the result sometimes is as astonishing as listening their studio releases even if the songs are a bit altered leaving space for the audience to scream along. I am not sure if you are a big fan, or an occasional listener, but either way, this is an album that is full of good music. And if you were one of the fortunate ones being on the Switzerland  on the specific live, then this is a must. Add to this, the bonus material of the DVD, the backstage footage, the interviews and all the bits and pieces that add value to a pack like this, and you get the point.


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