Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's amazing how some things fit by coincidence. Listening to this album while reading Tolkien somehow proved to be the perfect soundtrack, and what meant to be just a company while reading, made me close the book to focus on the music. First of all, let me say that this is the first album of the Swedish trio that I hear, although I had some occasional listening of some of their songs before. What impressed me the most here, is the ability that the band creates music that sounds so familiar, and brings you so many memories and emotions, but without being just clones or copycats. Their music is pure and Classic Heavy Metal, with some of the catchiest and well arranged guitar riffs I have heard, vocals that fit perfectly with the style of the music, a solid rhythm section, and amazing songwriting. The songs are well written, with enough ideas, full of melodies that stick into the mind, enough Epic moments, and tons of parts that make you sing along and move your head. The arrangements are simple, but their power is not on their complexity but on the energy and the feeling the music has. The production is very good, since it manages to create a similar feeling as the music, and preserve the old fashioned atmosphere of the album. Despite the simple song structures, there's some variety here, with the influences of the band from Doom or even more extreme styles being audible here and there, enriching the result even more. There not a single weak moment here, nor a thing that could be done better, and this is not only a plus, but will also make this record another milestone in their career. It has superb musicianship, a rhythm section that kicks ass, melodies that stand out of the ordinary and songs that are fun to listen to, but also bring memories to the mind. An album that you should check out.


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