Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KREATOR - Phantom Antichrist

A new Kreator album is something that you can't overlook, or treat without the proper respect. No introduction is needed for a band that is literally one of those that is shaping Thrash sound for about three decades now. Practically every Thrash fan, and a huge number of bands mention them as an influence and source of inspiration. This is their latest release, their 13th so far, and this time it finds the band taking a visit back to their roots, performing some very groovy and mind intriguing music. The album starts with a melodic guitar riff, somehow confusing the listener, but soon things are put on the correct basis. Crunchy guitars, a solid rhythm section that remind of their early days, the excellent and angry vocals of Mille Petrozza, all things that a fan is expecting are here. Songwriting is very good, with all the ideas of the band explored to the max, and with the addition of some melodic moments here and there, you can be sure that this album will become another milestone in the career of the band. Having the same energy as the albums of their early days, but with a diversity that amazes, the band from Germany, created an album that has no weak point, and leaves you screaming for more and more. Mid tempo grooves, fast Thrashing tunes, melodies, everything is here for a reason, and completes the big picture. The rhythm section is as Teutonic as possible, and the drummer gives some of the well known Kreator performances everyone is aware of. Melodies and guitar solos are vital parts of the album, enhancing the energy of the music, while the riffs are creating some of the finest headbanging parts. A release that brings some memories of their early days, mostly to the older fans, but still has plenty of new things to offer. For all fans of Thrash, the Germans are back.


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