Friday, June 22, 2012

MASTER - The New Elite

Formed back in 1983, the band that continues to deliver some excellent music extremity with each release, never really had the recognition it deserved amongst fans. This didn't prevent Paul Speckmann and his crew to create 11 albums (this is the eleventh) of pure brutality and musical genius. First of all lets try to describe the music here, to those that haven't heard a Master album before. Imagine a style that is a breed between Death and Thrash, with each style dominating the other at times, but with both creating a result which is, the lest to say, catchy and amazing. The riffs are plenty and sharp, often reminding the early Thrash days, so is the songwriting at times, something that the devoted Master fan will definitely appreciate. Vocals that sound as pissed and extreme as with their previous works are also present here, and with the addition of a very solid and technical rhythm section, complete this album, which sometimes sounds terribly familiar, but also carefully crafted to the last detail. Right from the first minute, the band assaults our ears with their music, with no weak points, things that sound boring or could have been done in a better way. Guitar solos are also plenty, melodic, distorted and sometimes done in the Possessed way, and this give this band an extra credit for me. Perfectly arranged, with a good production that preserves the energy and the aggression, brutal vocals, a rhythm section as solid as a concrete wall, and plenty of times to bang your head with, this album has all it takes to become another milestone for the band. Old or new fan, don't miss this out.


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