Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RICHARD MARX - Inside My Head

To most, Richard Marx is an artist whose biggest success was that mellow 90's ballads, midnight stations loved to play, and those in love liked to listen to. But Richard Marx is way beyond that, is an artist that made his appearance back in the mid 80's, and has a career of over 20 years of success. This is not exactly a new album, but a collection of rare tracks featured on his US only releases, plus four new tracks to complete it. And as a bonus, comes a second CD with all his great classics, for all the die hard fans. I have to say that this kind of music is not exactly what comes in mind when I want to hear something to relax, or have some beers with. But I also have to admit that this particular style has it's moments and it's way to become catchy, despite being so mellow that you can easily hate it. So, the music here is better described as Soft Rock, with catchy melodies, parts to sing along, huge choirs, talking about love and relationships. The first thing to notice here is that the artist hasn't lost the touch to create and perform music that radio stations love to play, although it's a bit similar in structure as his big success hits back in the 90's, but I guess that won't mind anyone. Along with that though, there are tunes that are more modern, still having all the trademarks of the artist though. The arrangements are almost perfect, although have a certain similarity in times with the 90's feeling and songwriting, just listen to the piano intro at "Through My Veins" and you will know what I mean. As an overall this album is really fun to listen to. The artist chooses known paths to walk to, but has done it in the way he knows best, and created an album that all fans of Soft Melodic Rock will appreciate.


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