Monday, August 06, 2012

HOTEL DIABLO - The Return to Psycho, California

Being as huge Robert Rodriguez fan as I am, the cover of the album draw my attention, and made me choose it over many that are waiting for a review. From the first moments, the feeling turned out to certainty, and as this album unfolded I realized that I had picked a little diamond of it's kind. Hotel Diablo is a band that hails from California, and exists for about a year, but consists of well experienced musicians. What you get from the first listening is that the band has managed to blend Hard Rock tunes, with incredible melodies and catchy hooks, and created a style of music that can be easy listening but also contains a much darker and dirty side. The songs are well crafted, with excellent performance and nice ideas, that the band explores to the maximum. Influences from various styles do exist but all are filtered through their own music perspective. The album has something of the 80's California atmosphere in it, and adds a certain "dirty" touch to it, but also an equal dose of modern Hard Rock. The vocals are really amazing, changing along with the style of the song, coloring each tune, and varying from a raw Hard Rock performance to softer and more mellow moments, but doing it with the same ease and high quality. The rythm section is also amazing, so are the guitar riffs and solos. The production of Gilby Clarke is avery good, clear and heavy enough, preserving the feeling of the music. Songs like "Bury You" stand out of the crowd, giving a slight idea of band's capabilities and musical influences, while moments like the ballad "What You Do To Me" give a more melodic and relaxing touch. No matter if this is a debut, or if the musicians are experienced or not, the chemistry is here, and the result sometimes is breath taking.


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