Friday, August 24, 2012

VOLKSMETAL - Volksmetal

Strange brew, weird outfit, odd result, these are the first things that came in my mind when I read the newsletter that came with the album. But being intrigued by the mixture of the influences, I proceeded with the listening, meeting a band that knows how to create music that brings a party feeling to the listener. If there was a soundtrack for festivals or beer drinking gatherings, then this most probably is the most appropriate one. The band is playing Folk music mostly, but along with the traditional instruments like the accordion or the tuba, you can also find hard guitar riffs, drumming, melodies and all the ingredients of a Metal album. What impresses is the way the shift their music from folk to Metal, sometimes with some more aggressive moments, without losing the feeling, or destroying the atmosphere. The majority of the songs are very good, with very interesting ideas, and tons of Folk melodies. Being a Mediterranean, German Folk music is not a familiar sound for me, but the party mood and the well written melodies of this album, make it very easy to get into, and the integration of Metal bits and pieces make it even more interesting. There's variety in the music, some songs are faster and others slower but all have the same happy mood that characterizes their music and show the performing abilities of the musicians. The production is very good, clear and heavy enough, and keeps this groovy and uptempo atmosphere of the music. Odd and weird at times, as I already mentioned, but also inspired and well performed, this album has one foot in Metal and one in Folk music, never leaving each style, but trying to bring them as close as possible. Party anyone?


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