Tuesday, September 18, 2012

KILL RITUAL - The Serpentine Ritual

What you expect when you gather members of Imagika, Eldritch, Dark Angel and a vocalist from Bay Area? Not a tough question for a Metal fan who is listening music more than couple of months. What else that top class Thrash Metal? According to the band, their intention was to compose and play music as they had it in mind, with all their influences available to the listener, and this is really the case here. Being experienced musicians they managed to blend all those influences into a style, that can be called unique at times, while at others is trying to explore various territories. As you can imagine, there is a basic Thrash plot here, but the band is not limited to it, but enriches their style with various elements, which is quite good and makes this album interesting. Musicwise the band has done a perfect job, in all aspects. From kick ass riffing to melodic parts, from singing to rhythm section, everything is almost perfect, and making you wanna hear the album again and again. There's variety in the music, some songs are most simple and old fashioned, others more complex, but always well arranged and performed. The songs are good, with few things that leave the feeling that could have been done in a better way, with some very good ideas, and an excellent production done by Andy La Rocque, who participates in this album as well, with his distinctive guitar solos in Coat Of Blood. As the album ends, you feel the need to start from the beginning. And with each listening new things are revealed, and come to surface, something that is always appreciated. An album that will remind things to older fans, while gaining the attention of newer ones, from a band that is talented and hopefully will bring more of it to the future.


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