Thursday, October 04, 2012

THE DESCENT - Dimensional Matters

This band comes from Spain, but their influences come from the Scandinavian Death Metal scene. With this album being their their first, and existing since 2006 as a band, we didn't know what to expect, but right after a few spins, the band shows that they have the talent and what it takes to create an album that will please all fans of this demanding, and somehow, overcrowded genre. The band is playing Swedish Death Metal but a more raw version of it, keeping the structures and the catchy melodies, and adding more brutal vocals, sometimes moving on higher speeds, and trying to mix things as much as possible to create something interesting and fun to listen. The majority of the songs are well written, with nice ideas, catchy melodies and almost all of the album is moving to the same high level. Some moments where the band sounds like early Swedish bands is pure coincidence, while the band is not avoiding some minor cliches as well. Musicianship is very good, from the excellent growling of Carlos, to the rhythm section and the melodic parts, which are plenty and well spread around the album, making the music even more intriguing. The production is quite good, and preserves some of the old school feeling of the music, without sacrificing quality though. Having heard the album a few times, you begin to complete the picture. It's an release that consists on both aggression and melody, each part constantly taking the leading role over the other, creating a nice contradiction that makes you want more and more. Some flaws do exist, but it's a debut, and the overall is good enough, so some less good parts can be overlooked. So, if you are looking for a good headbanger in the vein of early Swedish Death bands, check those guys from Bilbao.


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