Monday, November 26, 2012

FOGALORD - A Legend To Believe In

Sometimes you know exactly what to believe seeing the cover art, or reading the first few lines of the cover letter. This is also the case here, with this being the first album of the Italian Power Metal band. Power Metal is a genre that might be overcrowded, but there's a certain something from Italian bands that still make this scene alive and worth listening. First of all, the album has touches from Epic and Symphonic, something that makes their music more diverse, but not less predictable. So, if you omit the originality part, what you have is an album full of good music, that will please all fans of the style. First thing to comment is the excellent vocalist, whose vocals fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the music, sometimes more high pitched, others more classic, but always doing a perfect job. The same guy is behind the keyboard melodies, doing a great work, which continues in the guitar riffs and melodies, and of course the rhythm section. Besides memorable choruses and vocals, there are easy parts to sing along, killer melodies, a strong Epic atmosphere, plenty of symphonic parts, and a catchy groove that makes you tap you feet along. There's also a strong Classic influence that you can listen in the whole album, sometimes more in the foreground, and others staying in the back, but always enriching the result. What I also found promising is the fact that the band hardens and diversifies their sound at will, and this gives promises for the future. There are no weak points here, from the musicianship to the arranging, everything has been done in the best possible way. Although expected and rather cliche at times, there are some nice ideas, and what saves the album is the quality of music and the performing abilities of the band. Fun, catchy, groovy enough, and full of the nicest melodies. What more a fan of the genre could ask?  


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