Friday, November 23, 2012

THE LAST VEGAS - Bad Decisions

If promotion starts from the cover, these guys have chosen a title that somehow brings negative thoughts in mind. But if you overlook this, and give it some time, you realize that this album is not a bad decision at all. Existing since 2005, and drawing the attention of Nikki Sixx, the band is playing a mixture of 70's and 80's Hard Rock, with their influences being many, and well incorporated into their music. Right from the first song, the band shows their intentions, blending all the good things of Hard Rock, and creating a mixture that often reminds something else, but still it's fun and interesting. First of all, the band members must be huge Aerosmith fans, since it's amongst their bigger influences listener can recognize. Their music is straightforward, ballsy, rough and melodic. The vocals are excellent, sometimes traveling you back in time, some others being a bit more melodic, while others more rough, but always fit exactly with the mood of the album. Along with the perfect singing comes excellent musicianship, from the tight rhythm section, to the crunchy guitar riffs, everything is so carefully placed, that there are no weak points or things that could have been done in a better way. The songs are based on well known recipes, but have enough diversity and groove to make you wanna hear this album over and over. The clear and shinny production is not destroying any of the feeling of the album, but gives an extra touch to the atmosphere. Dirty and groovy enough, with musicianship that moves on high levels, raw and aggressive but also melodic when needed, all the right ingredients of a Rock n Roll album are here. Name it whatever genre you fancy, the fact remains that their music is ideal for having a good time. It makes you move along with the rhythm and sing along, and that's what a good album should do.


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