Thursday, December 20, 2012

SOLISIA - UniverSeasons

There's always something that makes me skeptic when it comes to female fronted bands, although I admit some of them I really like, and often come back and listen to. But I like to think myself as an open-minded listener, so I gave this album it's fair chance and listened to it more than just a couple of times. First let's talk about the band, since Solisia is a band from Italy, and this is their second album so far, while the style they chose to play is a mixture of Power and Symphonic Metal with some progressive elements to make things more complex. The first, and most dominating thing is the female vocals of Elie Syrelia, who is versatile enough and has the capabilities to deliver in such a demanding position. Her vocals are more clear and natural, and not so close to the operatic style we have used all those years, but emotional enough and I think they fit better to the style of music. Along with that, comes some exceptional guitar melodies and riffs, and with the aid of a tight rhythm section create an very interesting and diverse Symphonic Power Metal release. The songwriting is very good, with some of the songs being more easy to get into, while others have a more complex form, but with no less good points or fillers. Songs vary from high energy Power Metal stuff to emotional ballads, but everything has the same quality and carefully crafted melodies that makes it unique. Electronics are plenty, and sometimes create a weird background, and always stay in their supportive role. As an overall this album is not easy, it has it's moments where it's catchy and fun, but in general the music needs it's time to grow over you. Well produced, with good quality music and talented musicians, this album definitely worth every minute you spend for it.


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