Wednesday, December 05, 2012

SONS OF AEON - Sons Of Aeon

Giving this album the initial listen, and started reading all info provided with the music, the first notes that came out of the speakers were enough to draw my attention, although nothing would prepare me for what was about to follow. A decent, Melodic Death Metal album, I thought at first, and if you look to the core of the album, Melodic Death Metal is what you will really discover. But, if you listen to the music carefully, you will also discover tons of various influences that make this album as diverse and catchy as possible. The first and most obvious part is the part where the band blends Swedish Death and Thrash, into a mixture that will bring chills to fans. Aggressive and catchy songs, full of nice guitar riffs and brutal singing, ideal for headbanging and performed live. A tight rhythm section gives the groove, and the melodies evolve on it creating songs that most of the times are amazing. Along with their aggressive side, there is a more melodic and dark one, which sounds as important as the other, enriching the result, and somehow making things even more brutal. The band is talented enough, something obvious from the way they incorporate various elements into their music, and the way their songs are performed. Most important from all is that their music is not static, but always exploring new territories and that makes it a kind of adventure. There are various things waiting to be revealed with each listening, with the aid of the good production as well. With excellent musicianship and compositions that move on high levels of quality, this album is far more than just a Swedish Death Metal album. Killer melodies, fast grooves, plenty of moments to bang your head with the rhythm, and enough hidden surprises around, make this album a fun to listen, from the first to the last moment.


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