Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It has been almost five years since the debut album of these dudes, and here they are back, with a new effort to challenge our ears. With two of the original members left and the two guitarists and the drummer being the new blood, the band started to create their second album. I am not familiar with their previous work though, so I can't say if it's better or now, all I have to say is that if you are into Power Metal, you should check those guys. To start with, all the right ingredients to create a successful album are here, and are used in the best possible way. The first thing to notice, are the vocals of Chity Somapala, which are superb. His performance is always moving on high quality levels, either the songs are fast and groovy or slower and more melodic, he's always providing the suitable vocals for the occasion. The same quality you can meet in the guitar riffs and melodies, the rhythm section, and in general, all aspects of this album. The majority of the songs are Power Metal, with catchy riffs and melodies, memorable parts to sing along, and grooves to tap your feet with. The music is catchy and well written, the songs are small, but with some very nice ideas, and perfectly produced to achieve maximum result. What stands out of the ordinary though are two songs, that finish the album, Believing The Dream, and Dreams Of Fire. The first starts with an electronic melody with a New Age touch to it, slowly escalating to a more groovy tune, and gives a taste of the vocal capabilities of the singer. The second starts with a groovy percussion, that gives a rather primitive rhythm, and continues with fitting choirs and vocals. As the album finishes, it leaves a good taste, and a new spin seems a proper thing to do.

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