Thursday, January 24, 2013

HELKER - Somewhere In The Circle

Never judge a book by the cover they say, but there comes a time when the cover prepares you exactly for what will follow, and albums are fitting right into this exception. Although you might be prepared, as of what music style you should expect, there are plenty of things to like in this release, and eventually make it a favorite for many. Helker come from Argentina with their fourth release, and their style is pure European Power Metal. The first thing to notice is the singer, not only because he is so charismatic that sometimes gives you chills with his performance, but also because all those that are fans of Dio or Jorn, can also add another singer that has the same feeling in his voice. Alongside Diego Valdez, there's a bunch of talented musicians that know how to perform well written music, and they do it in a way that gives no doubt about their skills or the band's future achievements. Instead of trying to explain the style and nature of the songs to those not heard something from them, let's just mention that the music here has been co-written by Mat Sinner, and Ralf Scheepers and Tim Ripper Owens participate in the vocals of one of the songs. As you might already guessed, the album is full of high octane songs that will make your head move along with the rhythm, while tapping your feet along, but also a couple of low tempo moments, where things are more relaxed and melodies are more on the foreground. Memorable melodies, groovy refrains, excellent performance from every musician, this album contains no fillers or less good songs. Produced by Achim Koehler this certainly is one hell of a Power Metal release. If you are a fan of DIO, Jorn or Masterplan, or you simply like your Power Metal melodic and pompous, don't miss this.

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