Monday, January 14, 2013

Pendact - Days Of War

The story of the band might be short, since they exist since 2006, and came back to life at 2010, but when you listen the first notes of this album, you realize something big is about to happen. According to the newsletter the band is inspired by the Swedish Death Metal scene, which you can easily hear on their songs. But along with that, the band is putting various other influences into their music, something that shows the potential these young dudes have. Fast and aggressive from the first moment, the music is 100% Death Metal, enriched by some super catchy melodies, that make you sing along and tap you feet to the floor. The vocals are the typical Death growls plus a touch of Metalcore, and this spices a bit things up, and gives an extra groove to the whole result. The guitars is another big plus for this album, creating some really infectious riffs, along with enough very cool melodies. The same goes to the keyboard lines, which complete the songs, and give sometimes some extra details to them. In general the album is moving on high levels of quality, in both composing and performing areas, and this means that there are no less good moments, or things that sound indifferent. The arrangements are very good, with enough good ideas, a good dose of Death Metal, plenty of melodies and grooves, all blended together, with the addition of various influences, and the production putting the last details and giving this album the shinny package it deserves. Whether it's fast and raw, melodic and more catchy, the music always has something to say and a way to sneak into your mind. With each listening, the album grows on you, and you more and more appreciate this little gem the French men created. Well done guys.

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