Thursday, February 14, 2013

EYEFEAR - The Inception Of Darkness

This is the first album of the band that gets in my hands, although it's their fifth release so far. The band comes from Australia, something that somehow gives a more distinctive touch to their sound. What the band is playing can be described as Progressive Metal, but with a huge dose of Classic and Power Metal to it, and the result is, the least to say, very satisfying. First we have to stay on the vocals, where we find a well known Australian artist, Danny Cecati, also known for his work with Pegazus, who gives a memorable performance. To favor variety, which by the way is a key word on this one, vocals play various roles, from angry Death growling, clear and powerful, female Opera ones, and everything in between, creating interesting contradictions. Along with the exceptional work in the vocal area, comes the equal work in the music as well. Complex and intriguing, with continuous changes, and various styles shift, but with everything happening in a very fluent way, that won't mind anyone, even those not really into Progressive stuff. Melodies are also plenty and well worked, and playing a vital role into this album, while the rhythm section is tight, and technical enough, and the guitar riffs sound a bit more dark at times. Melodies are plenty and well worked, either created by keyboards or guitars and enhance the whole result, and somehow create a very unique atmosphere. Songs are well worked, with enough interesting ideas, and few less good moments that do exist don't change the rate of this album. As the album finishes, leaves a good feeling, and makes you want to listen over and over again, as with each spin, new thing are discovered. 

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