Wednesday, February 06, 2013

LORDI - To Beast Or Not To Beast

Known to many non Metal fans by winning the 2004 Eurovision, and bringing a breath of spooky air into the glitter pop annual song contest, Lordi are much more than this, and are certainly not newcomers in any way. Started about 20 years ago as an one man project of Mr Lordi, the band has passed through numerous changes, and the loss of drummer Otus in February was the last turmoil, and the thing that somehow characterizes the whole style of this release. This is their sixth studio album so far, and what has changed is that the band has taken a more aggressive approach to their music. Now their Hard Rock music contains all the characteristics of their sound, only this time is more edgy and certainly heavier than before. Right from the first song, the music sounds more serious, with harder guitar riffs and vocals a bit more dark and intense, while the groovy parts and the things that make you wanna move along with the rhythm, and sing along the verses, are still here. Still some of the songs are bearing the titles where the band plays with words, but this is not always the case, while they contain enough ideas, and the band doesn't afraid to explore more dark paths and incorporate things into their music. The songs are very good, while I must confess I was quite disappointed at first, slowly they grow on you, and you discover things hidden with each listen. The production is shinny and clear enough, and was done by no other than Michael Wagener himself, something that assures that everything possible has been done in this area. I am not sure if this is a phase the band is experiencing right now, or is a music direction they wanted to chose, I know that their theatrical visuals and their horror-like appearances are meeting a more matching style of music with this release. If you are a fan, this is an album you probably will end up listening over and over, just like I do. But it needs it's time to fully reveal it's secrets.

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