Friday, March 22, 2013

HYPOCRICY - End Of Disclosure

What more to add for a persona like Peter Tagtgren? The story of the band starts back in 1992, and with each release he continues to establish a strong brand name, either as an artist or involved in almost all aspects of the creation of an album. This new album has all the trademarks of the sound of Hypocrisy, something that will please all fans of the band. Diverse and aggressive in all forms, this album leaves few to the imagination, but still holds surprises for the unsuspecting fan. Blending melodies with raw power, the band has the ability to create almost a genre of it's own, sometimes flirting with Thrash speeds, others closer to Melodic Swedish Death, or even using blastbeatings approaching Black rhythms. All that with the same ease and high quality that has used us all those years, creating music that never compromises or becomes boring and repetitive. The first thing to impress, once again is the vocals, which vary according to the tempo and style of the songs, moving from brutal to more clear vocals and high pitched screams. Along with the vocals, Peter is also doing a splendid work in guitars, either on the riffs, the melodies or the solos, and so are the bass and the drums, creating some killer grooves and tons of moments that will make you bang your head along. The songs, as we already mention, have various styles and tempo changes, but always moving on the same aggressive style, and are enriched by various elements that keep the listener craving for more. The production is also done in the famous Abyss Studios by Peter himself, and has exactly the quality that the music deserves. An album with no weak points, no parts that lack energy, this is according to the band, a "Back to the basics". An album that snaps your from the throat from the first moment and doesn't let you go, before the last note is over.

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