Thursday, October 24, 2013

77 - Maximum Rock'n'Roll

This band comes from Spain and the title is more or less self explanatory. The band is playing pure 70's Rock'n'Roll, although their music is not limited to it, but tries to explore new places and make things even more interesting. First of all let's say that their music is damn groovy, and makes you wanna move along with the rhythm, which is great. It also raises similar needs like the need of some cold beers, which is also good. At first their music sounds heavily inspired from what ACDC are doing, and most probably they might be amongst their bigger influences. So their music is groovy and catchy, and has that certain raw feeling that an album of the genre should have. And this feeling comes naturally since the band records live in the studio, with no effects and tricks, something that they have done with their previous album and proved to worked well. The songs are well worked, with enough melodies and highly infectious grooves that stick into your mind, choruses ideal to sing along, and plenty of parts to bang. But this time, the band didn't just settle with this, and tried to explore new territories as I mentioned before. Tracks like Jazz It Up or Don't You Scream as fine examples since the style is slightly different from the rest of the songs, while on You Bored Me, vocal duties are done by LG, the guitar player. The recordings and the production were done in Stockholm, and the way they recorded it live, gives a really warm and natural feeling to the music, while shows the musical capabilities of the band. It might not be the most innovative album that sees the light of day, but the band didn't try to achieve that. Instead they tried to play the music that they had in their hearts, pure boogie Hard Rock, the kind that makes you smile and move along and drink beers. What good Rock'n'Roll is supposed to do anyway.

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