Monday, October 07, 2013


I have to say that Testament has always been one big favorite band for me, and the fact they were always true to the style, gives them a higher rank in my appreciation list. Started from their early Bay Area days, when their Thrash was both melodic and edgy to their later Thrash-Death efforts, every release has been a small milestone to the career of a band that deserve a bigger success that it really has. Nevertheless, each album has a special place in my collection, and are often revisited for a quick travel back in my youth. This latest release from Testament is a live DVD recorded back in 15th of February on a show at Huntington NY, in front of a crowd that screams and shouts in any given moment. The selection of the songs is also very interesting, with the band giving more balance on their Dark Roots Of The Earth release, but also not forgetting their early moments, such as Practice What You Preach or The Legacy and New Order. The band sounds as fresh as ever, from the characteristic way of Chuck Billy's singing, to the melodic guitars of Alex Skolnik and Erik Peterson and Gene Hoglan on the drums, is often giving shivers. The band is also performing their classic songs in a very modern way without destroying the feeling, something that most old time fans will enjoy I guess. The production is also very good, leaving space for the atmosphere of the show and the cheers of the crowd, but without adding extra noise to the music. With an excellent choice of songs, with the band being in top shape and performing as good as ever, with fans creaming, shouting and singing from start to finish, this is a homage to the career of the band, but also a prove of the abilities of a band that perfected their style over the years, with great lots of talent, guts, and hard work. Listen loud and bang as if you were there.

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