Friday, September 10, 2010


Little or less introduction is needed when it comes to Michael Kiske and his work all these years. Amanda Somerville on the other hand is also known for her personal work, but has also participate on the MIRO/PAETH Rock Opera, AINA, and has toured with EPICA replacing Simone Simons on vocals, amongst other appearances. Having performed a duet with Indigo Dying, Kiske was offered an all duet album, an offer he could refuse.
The music here is mostly Hard Rock, with touches of Metal here and there, somehow dominated by the excellent vocals of Kiske and Somerville. Another strong point here is the songwriting, where Mat Sinner and Magnus Karlsson, have managed to create some very catchy and interesting songs, in which, the vocal skills of the singers have enough room to breath and evolve. The rhythm section is also very good, mostly because of the presence of Mat Sinner and Magnus Karlsson, but also with nice drum works, that give sometimes a more Teutonic feeling to the music, which I found really welcome. Not exactly a Power Metal album, although it borrows enough things, not pure Hard Rock, since they ofter don't afraid to harden their sound, with chanting female vocals, but also amazing vocals from Michael Kiske, with catchy melodies, memorable parts, and perfect production. If you are a fan of the singers, or good music in general, then do check this album.


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