Friday, March 25, 2011

EMERALD SUN - Regeneration

Emerald Sun is a band that comes from Greece and exists for over a decade. This is their second release so far, following their 2007 release Escape From Twilight, and although I haven't heard their previous release, this one is an effort that shows quality and talent. The band is playing Power Metal, the one that listeners can easily participate and sing along. The music is well performed, the melodies are plenty and catchy enough, and the singer lacks the accent most Greek singers have, which is something very good. The arrangements are well worked, and the songs are very good, leading to a 12min epic song at the end of the album, that shows the talent of the band in every aspect. The album also contains Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero, given in a more Power Metal perspective, leading to an equally enjoyable song. One of the negative things of this album, is the lack of originality, something that doesn't spoil the fun in anyway. A good album, full of music that will make you bang your head with the rhythm, with no weak points or fillers, that will please all fans of Melodic Power Metal. Check them out.


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