Thursday, April 14, 2011


When I read the producer's name I was absolutely sure about the quality (hello Liapakis greetings from motherland). These guys from Belgium remind us the reason why we love Heavy Metal music. I don't have a problem with progression, innovation, mixing of different kinds of music but the basic principals of our music was wild vocals, screaming guitars, hard bass and drum's playing. That's exactly what Fireforce do. Pure Teutonic Heavy Metal! Imagine a mixture of Accept, Helloween and Running wild, blend them and eat their sound in your face! Heavy riffs,beautiful solos and solid rhythm section is the recipe of their songs combined with hoarse vocals. Known trails that will make you bang your head.Enjoy it!


Review written by Nikos


Alfonso Almenara said...

I did not like the record, it is repetitive, not epic at all, and its vocalist has a very limited range.

Sorry but I strongly disagree with your comment.

Victor said...

It's OK to disagree. What would this kind of music be, if we all agreed to a specific style?

Alfonso Almenara said...

I guess so.

Btw my review gives this record a 5/10 score.

Nice blog anyway


Victor said...

Thanks a lot for the kind words. Reviewing other people's work is a strange thing, sometimes you agree, some others you don't, that's why we advice people to have a personal opinion. Plus you always have to have in mind the personal effort and the hopes each band invested on their release.