Sunday, September 25, 2011

NIGHTRAGE - Insidious

Nightrage is a band that plays Melodic Death Metal, and has it's influences deep into the Gothenburg sound. This is their latest release, and like the previous one, the listener will find only the best of what Melodic Death has to offer. The album is based on two pillars, one is the complexity of the songs, that make it sound very close to Progressive at times, and the other is aggression. Both these things are combined in a very wise way, and you have songs that are both straightforward and melodic, but also have enough changes and hidden secrets waiting to be revealed. The guitar works performed by Marios Iliopoulos are excellent, full of melodic moments but also huge riffs, but so great are the other musicians as well. The vocals are very good too, and the singer not only can growl in the usual Death Metal way, but also can deliver equally good, when things slow down on some clear parts. Elements from various aggressive styles can also be found here, specially Thrash, which makes their sound even more catchy. The production is very good, and preserves all the details of their music. The guest appearances from Gus G, Apollo Papathanasio, Tomas Lindberg and Tom Englund, just to name a few, can only enhance the whole release, and give it an extra credit. If you are seeking for an album full of nice songs, melodic moments and tons of aggression then you will like the sound of the band. Give it a try and it won't disappoint you.


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