Friday, March 30, 2012


This is the first album of the German band, but don't get fooled by this, this is a release that shows a band more talented and experienced than you might imagine. The band has been formed back in 2007, and they are playing a mixture of Death Metal with enough Progressive elements, a style of music that never ceases to be interesting and mind intriguing. Their music holds the positive elements from both styles, being both aggressive and complex, with excellent musicianship, and killer melodies. Right from the start the band shows their intentions, assaulting our ears with killer riffs, a very solid rhythm section, and fitting brutal vocals. Banging along with the rhythm, the listener can't help but love this performing, as the music evolves and transforms, shifting shapes and styles, all done in a natural way. The vocals are very good, somehow being the connecting link of all the ingredients of this album, and are brutal enough to please all fans of Swedish Death Metal. So are melodies, moving on the same style, and being another important element of their music, created by both guitars or keyboards. The songs are very good, with enough variety, with enough well explored ideas, and all the trademarks of such a sound. That leads often to a sound kind of cliche, but this doesn't weaken the result or spoil the fun in any way. There's energy in this album, there's power and aggression, but on the other hand, the complexity of the song structures makes this album more difficult to fully explore. The production is perfect, clear enough and completes the music in the best possible way. If you are a fan of Dark Tranquility, or Swedish Death scene in general, this album has enough to offer.


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