Sunday, April 08, 2012

OVERKILL - The Electric Age

It has been about 30 years since Overkill made their appearance in the US Thrash scene, and now, after 15 album, they continue to create music that is very close to their roots, and always pleases devoted fans around the globe. Right from the first moment, you know what this album is all about: energy. The band, true to their story, created another crash course of Thrash music, for the fans to dig in. There's no way to avoid the rhythm from overtake you, and find yourself banging along with it, screaming for more. The music is exactly what we all expect from a band of the Overkill caliber, it's fast, with super catchy moments, distorted guitar solos, screaming vocals, and a perfect machine-like rhythm section. All songs are very good, having an old-school feeling, but also with a lot of modern elements, a perfect marriage of the 80's with the 21'st century Thrash. What amazes too is that the band is not afraid to explore other paths, and you will find songs with less speedy tempos, but with the same groove and energy that is spread throughout the whole album. There are plenty of nice ideas here, and most of them well explored, with no lesser moments or things that might make you want to press the skip button. Bobby's vocals sound as angry and pissed off as always, and he's giving a performance of a lifetime, showing how much talented singer he is. Same goes for the rest of the band, from the guitarist, to the rhythm section, and this leads to a flawless release that new and old fans of Thrash will appreciate. Full of headbanging moments, and music that remind of how Thrash is supposed to sound, it's easy to recommend to fans of the specific genre.


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