Friday, March 15, 2013

SODOM - Epitome Of Torture

Little can we add to a band of the caliber of Sodom, the only thing we can add is that with each release, thousands of fans around the globe rub their hands with a grin in face. This is the latest studio album of the band, and their charismatic frontman Tom Angelripper, who tortures our lives and moves our heads since the early 80's. The album starts with the best possible scenario, with the sound that made this band what it is, and influenced hundreds of other musicians. A fast and groovy rhythm section, with frenzy drums, furious vocals and crunchy guitars, this was the distinctive sound of the band back then, and continues to be, with some interesting modern additions. Everything is well crafted, from the vocals to the guitar riffs and solos and the rhythm section, and the result is an album that will leave all fans of Thrash happy and satisfied. The songs are well written, 100% oldschool Sodom, but also with one foot in the 21st century, showing that the band knows how to create good music, without repeating itself, and still bring chills to older fans with their work. The music is very catchy, from the first to the last minute, and makes you wanna move along with the rhythm, bang your head, tap your feet, and participate in any way. Tom is doing a perfect, and expected to be honest, work in both vocals and bass, adding some of the energy the music has, singing from Thrash to almost Death Metal growling. But also remarkable is the work that is done in drums and the guitar riffs and melodies, and altogether they create an album that has very few weak points or things indifferent. Another interesting thing is that the music seems to have a diversity, mostly in the song speeds, with some moving on fast tempo, while others on slower, but all bearing the same killer groove and guitar riffs. Maybe not an album that will change Thrash as we know it, but still an album that most bands would kill to have, from one of the most influential Thrash bands ever.

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