Friday, March 28, 2014

SHRAPNEL - The Virus Conspires

Shrapnel is a band that comes from UK, and made it's presence back in 2009 with the release of an EP and this is their first full length album so far. Right from the first note, the band shows it's intentions, which are no other that playing Thrash the way it was introduced back in the 80's. Blending all the good elements from both US and European scene, the band presents an album that is an absolute must have for every fan of the genre. The album starts with a blast and leaves no room for breathing till the end, providing an endless assault of intelligent riff works combined with some super technical drum performance. The vocals are very good, aggressive, mostly high pitched with few Death-like moments, but always fitting with the style. The influences of the band are more than obvious, but the musicians have the skills and the talent to support their ambitious vision. Excellent work in guitars, from the expected fast Thrashy riffs, to the slower banging parts, with everything being carefully worked to the last detail. And then comes the rhythm section, with the drummer giving the tempo, most of the times fast and sometimes in a frenzy groove, but the rest of the band always performing with the same quality and skill. The arrangements are very good, with some less good moments, but what really impresses here is that they are never sound like copycats. While the music often sounds familiar there is no single moment where a "I know this" comes in mind, and this works in favor of them. As the album finishes you want to spin it over and over, with the good tracks being instant favorites, while the few less good moments need some more time to grow. For a debut album, it definitely is a hit. But I am sure that more will come from the in the future. For the moment, grab some cold beers, and prepare for some serious headbanging time.

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