Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LEMMY - Damage Case

Now, here's a tough one. How to rate the work of a man that has influenced hundreds if not thousands of bands all these years? Well, Lemmy and Motorhead, are a category of music alone, and the vocals of Lemmy are amongst the most unique in the scene. This double album presents the work of Lemmy from 1966 to 2005. Not another best of though, since no Bomber, no Overkill, no Ace of Spades, as the booklet says. There's songs from Hawkwind, from Motorheard of course, but also covers from Lemmy, such as Enter Sandman, and The Trooper, from the you-know-who bands. There's also songs such like Stand By Your Man, Blue Suede Shoes, that give a different approach to the original songs. Too many to mention, one with each own history, some of them underrated and never amongst the fans favorites, this compilation gives a good perspective to the Lemmy phenomenon. A must have.


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