Thursday, April 13, 2006

LUCA TURILLI - The Infinite Wonders Of Creation

This is the third solo album of the talented guitarist and composer of Rhapsody, and the final of the trilogy that started with King Of The Nordic Twilight. Therefore, the musical style is not far from the previous two releases, although moving on different lyric landscapes. Melodies are plenty, and well worked, the music is catchy, with choruses, guest female operatic vocals, and excellent keyboards played by Luca himself. Besides Luca, the other musicians are the same as in the previous release, all well known and skilled artists, something that helps the music a lot. Well hidden elements do exist on this album, little jewels to be found with cautious listening, something that works for the album. The female vocals are also a very good addition, that give an different approach on the music. An album that will please all fans of the band, and the artist, and certainly an album that needs more exploration to reveal it's secrects.


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