Friday, June 16, 2006

DAVINCI - Davinci

This is not a new album of the Norwegian 80's band, but a reissue, with a bonus track, and a new more clear production, of their 1987 self titled album. The band is playing Melodic Hard Rock, with an 80's feeling to it's music, with tons of excellent melodies, catchy vocals and memorable parts, and refrains easy to sing along. Music easy to get into, but with enough well hidden jewels for the cautious listener. Songs with enough nice ideas, with the majority of them sound as fresh as if they were written now, and not almost 20 years ago. Now, count to all this, the rarity of the original recording, the excellent production, and the addition of an exclusive bonus track, and you get the picture. Not only for those that were after the album, but all those who are fond of the specific genre.


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