Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LEATHERWOLF - World Asylum

The legendary band comes back, 6 years after their live album Wide Open, and 16 after their latest studio album, with two of the original band members and Wade Black behind the mics. Right from the first riff, the band shows that the energy is still there, since the music is solid and heavy enough, with plenty of melodies, and equal amounts of both Classic and Power Metal, with the vocals of Wade Black somehow dominating the whole album, but also fitting perfectly with the spirit of the music. No fillers just killers, as an add said once, this album contains almost no indifferent moments, or songs that could be left out. Plenty of nice ideas and good melodies all explored to the maximum, make this album a fun to listen to. The music is heavy, fast, rhythmic and groovy enough, and has a way to sneak into your mind, making you moving your head along with the rhythm. An album that you should get.


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