Saturday, April 21, 2007

AUTOGRAPH - Sign in Please (1984)

AUTOGRAPH made an impression with their debut album especially when they hit the charts with "Turn up the Radio". But this album is full of great tracks. They sounded quite AOR but in fact they were a well-polished "Hair Metal" band with great vocals, cool guitar solos and maaaany keyboards! "Sign in Please" today sounds strangely fresh and powerful with its catchy tunes like "Send Her to Me" to stick to your brain and make you sing-a-long like a happy fool for hours! AUTOGRAPH didn't enjoyed any serious support from their label and that was the most important reason they didn't make it as big as they deserved. Another reason was that they were not exactly "pretty boys" like most bands of their genre but hopefully when years pass, people grow ugly but good music remains unharmed.

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