Thursday, April 19, 2007

MANTICORA - The Black Circus : Part 1 - Letters

Manticora completes 10 years of existence and they come with their new, their fifth so far, release, an album that is full of melodies and groovy rhythms for every Power Metal fan. The album is a concept, part of a two album concept, and deals with the adventures of a traveling circus around New England back in the 19th century. What pleases the listener most, is that their music is not restricted to the borders of Power Metal as we know it. Melodic passages, acoustic bridges, narrations, and various other stuff, make their music a bit more interesting, and give a variation to the songs. The shinny production is a big plus for the music, and somehow manages to maintain the atmosphere of the album. A band with a true and proven talent, comes with an album that will please their fans once more. If you are amongst them, then you should check it out.

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