Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TRAIL OF TEARS - Existentia

The latest album of Trail Of Tears features some changes, both into their musical direction and also a new female vocalist, which is exceptionally good by the way. Much heavier songs, but always moving to the original T.O.T plot, two male vocalists who complete each other, and a female singer that gives a more dramatic tone to the whole music. Groovy and catchy music, with songs easy to get into and follow the rhythm, with a very good, yet dark and gloomy atmosphere, and enough interesting ideas, this album will please all fans of the band. All in all, the music is even more diverse and hard to tag, providing elements from both the aggressive side of Metal, but also as many melodies, and intriguing vocals, and will surely keep you minds and CD players busy for quite some time. An album that you should check out.

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