Monday, November 12, 2007

THE CODEX - The Codex

This is the first album of the band, that features Mark Boals on vocals, and Magnus Karlsson on guitars. This is the first time these two artists are together on a band, and the result is truly amazing. Maybe one of the heavier albums Mark Boals has ever participated, but at the same time, keeping the same high standards and Melodic trademarks, we are used to from his previous releases. The music is heavy and aggressive, but there's room for enough melodies also, something that makes the album really fun to listen to. The songs are catchy enough, and the rhythms are easy to follow, but also there's things to discover with a more cautious listening. A crystal clear production points out all the details of the music, and completes the album in the best way. This is really one of those Melodic Metal records that will stay in your CD player for quite some time.

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