Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KELDIAN - Journey of Souls

This is the second album of the band. Despite being a duet, with the addition of excellent musicians, and various instruments, they managed to create an album full of energy and up tempo music. Power Metal, with an 80's touch in it, fast, melodic and pompous, is what the listener should expect. Besides the fact that the band doesn't avoid some cliches, there's talent here, and this is obvious from the start to the last minute. Melody is the leading thing here, either with the very good keyboard lines, or the guitar woks. Strings like violins and mandolins also add to the whole result, making it even more interesting and fun to listen to.There are no weak points or songs that sound indifferent, simply because the ideas that the band had, are explored and developed to the maximum. Might not be the most original style of music on the work, but it's well performed, well arranged, and full of fun and energy. As a good album should be.

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