Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RANDOMWALK - Redemption

This is the first attempt of this Greek band that exists since 2005. When it comes to debut albums, we always try to be a little more polite, and polish things up, but this band has no need for this. The album is very close to excellency, a fine mixture of Back and Death and with Gothic influences to intrigue things even more. The music has a very ominous feeling, created by the wisely used keyboard melodies, and the addition of the female vocals here and there. Clear and brutal vocals, melodic and aggressive moments, all blended together, but in a very fluent and natural way. There are no weak points here, or things that will bore the listener, since the band doesn't repeat itself at any point. Instead the talent of the band is obvious, the ideas are well worked as well, and the result is an album that will please the fans of the specific genre. We hardly can wait for the next release.

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