Monday, March 23, 2009

BLACK MESSIAH - First War Of The World

Black Messiah is a band that comes from Germany, and exists since 1992. What started as a pure Black Metal band, slowly transformed into a more interesting music style, playing Viking/Pagan Metal, but also incorporating enough extreme elements into their music as well. The album is a concept, that talks about the first battle of the worlds in the Norther mythology. What makes the album interesting though, is that the band has managed perfectly to create the atmosphere they wanted, with the help of pompous narrations, and the use of very catchy melodies and vocal lines. The narrations, and the baritone vocal lines, blend perfectly with the more aggressive vocals of the band. It's a very ambitious effort indeed, but the band's obvious talent, and experience, manage to accomplish this task. Songs that contain enough nice ideas, that are enriched with various instruments, and are full of an Epic atmosphere, are the characteristics of this album. There are no weak points here, nor songs that are less good than others. A very rich and excellent production comes to complete the album in the best possible way. If you are a fan, either the band or the style, then this album is for you.


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