Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mastercastle is the brainchild of Pier Gonella, of Labyrinth amongst other bands, with Giorgia Gueglio on vocals. The band is playing Power Metal with Classic and Neo Classical influences.So, right from the first song, the guitar melodies are plenty enough to please everyone. Combined with the nice, well worked and sometimes unique, female vocals, and the strong rhythm section, this album sounds like a very promising and interesting debut. The songs are well written, with nice ideas and with tons of guitar melodies. This sometimes sounds cool, but there are also times when this endless guitar work, which is perfectly performed by the way, sounds a bit tiring. This in any way, doesn't spoil the fun, or diminishes the value of the album. All in all, it's a release with positive and negative moments, but leaves a good impression in general. So, since the talent is there, and also room for further improvement, I am sure that we will hear from them in the future. Check them out.


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