Friday, March 20, 2009


Ok, now this one is for those that still think of the 80's with a big smile, and a bunch of nice memories. Although the band comes from Sweden, sounds and feels like they were born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles. So, it's a debut album, but even if things are like that, the band shows that they have what it takes to create an album full of the 80's spirit. Fast and catchy melodies, nice vocal lines, plenty of cliches, musical and visual as well, and a party mood spread around. Music to listen while driving, when drinking beers with buddies, live in a crowded club. Songs easy to get into, with grooves easy to follow and refrains catchy enough to sing along. Fresh and shiny, but also enough old fashioned, this album is exactly what it's supposed to be, fun, fun, fun. If you are into such stuff, check them out.


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