Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok, we all know who Donald and John Tardy are. One of the most influential Death Metal bands of all time, Obituary, was the evolve of their previous band. So, here we are again, the two Tardy Brothers, along with Ralph Sandola and Jerry Tidwell from their first band, with their debut release. The band is playing Death Metal, but with tons of Thrash elements, something that made this album an instant favorite. Top vocal performance, which means brutal enough, but also close to Thrash sometimes as well, high pitched guitar riffs, excellent melodies, headbanging parts, what else can we expect from an album? Songs perfectly arranged, equally perfectly produced and with no fillers and indifferent moments. If you are into Thrash, Death, or you are just a fan of the work of the two brothers, then this is an album you should check out.


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