Tuesday, April 21, 2009


No newsletter, or flier can prepare the listener of what should be expected from the second album of the Germans, and those that can scratch the surface are the ones already familiar with their sound. Mixing a lot of extreme influences, from Grindcore to Death, with the complexity of Jazz, the band manages to create something that is really hard to define and tag. Fast and aggressive, with tons of grooves, brutal vocals, excellent guitar riffs, melodies, and a lot of energy. The first thing noticed here, is the complexity of the music, and the ease that the band binds all their influences together, into a very interesting piece of music. No ballads here, no fillers, no less good songs. Right from the first note, someone grabs you from the neck and tosses you to the wall across the room. Difficult music, hard to get into, but with a more cautious listening, things start to emerge, and the whole plot starts to reveal. Melodies also exist here, either well hidden, or more obvious, and are a vital part of this bizarre yet catchy album. If you like challenges, and are not afraid to experiment, check them out.


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