Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ACCEPT - Restless And Wild (1982)

Let's go with another old hidden grenade! The teutonic metal attack found its leaders in 1983 when the mythic band made this masterpiece. Udo in gurgling vox, Hoffman and Fisher on the double axe attack, Baltes and Kauffman on the bombastic rhythm section. Judas Priest and AC/DC were their main influences the same time some classical music elements were more than obvious. This album is a classic! More than a classic it is something like the Old Testament of Power Metal nowadays. Accept could remain in Metal history just for this.

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Anonymous said...

This album was made in 1982 and there was no Jörg Fischer. Wolf played almost all the guitars and/or there might be some playing by Herman Frank there as well. Here's quote:"METALLIAN: Something which always made me wonder is how the next album, Restless And Wild, sounds different from your previous work; yet it exclusively features your playing. One would have thought the new sound is due to a new guitarist called Herman Frank.
WOLF: Well, he did play on the record. We felt we always represented a two-guitar player band and we needed somebody else on the record and the album cover. He joined around that time, but being the new guy in the band there wasn't enough time for him to get adjusted and we asked whether the time would be better spent with me playing the album. Especially with two-guitar parts, they need to be identical or they sound pretty terrible. Rather than training someone for hours and hours to play, I said why not just do the guitars twice and we are done. We just trained him to do it live with more time and stuff. You know, studio time is more expensive than rehearsal time so we just concentrated on playing live with him. I think he did play some little snippets on the record somewhere or maybe not I don't know. But certainly most, if not all, is my playing on that record." Source: http://www.metallian.com/accept.htm