Monday, May 18, 2009

JORN - Spirit Black

The new album of a singer as talented as Jorn Lande is, is an event of it's own. For those of you know familiar who Jorn Lande is, a quick remind of Ark, Millennium and Masterplan, to all which Lande has been a frontman, is enough. The new album, continues musically the fine career of this man, delivering another good album full of good music. Hard Rock at it's finest moments, enriched by the warm vocals of the singer, sometimes slow and melodic, sometimes harder and more catchy, but always well performed and always moving to the highest quality. Diving deep into the 80's, making his music even more interesting, and once again working with Tommy Hansen as a producer, manage to create an album that smells like a Classic 80's Heavy Metal but also sound as fresh as it could be. Besides the excellent vocals, that somehow dominate the album, the rest of the band, manages to create an equally good job as well. A strong rhythm section, and the very good guitar work, are completing the work of the vocalist in the best possible way. If you are a fan of the band, or the work that Lande has done so far, then this album will not disappoint you. But also, if you are a younger fan, then this is a good album to start.


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