Friday, May 22, 2009

NIGHTRAGE - Wearing A Martyr's Crown

I have always been a fan of the Swedish Death Metal sound, and I was quite excited with the release of this band, since their previous two are occasionally find their way to my stereo. Swedish Death Metal at it's finest, with aggressive, yet catchy, arrangements, with excellent guitar melodies and fast riffing from Marios Iliopoulos, are what the listener should expect from this album. With a bit more aggressive vocals, and memorable guitar melodies, the band manages to create an album that will please all of the band's fan base. A few clean guitar parts here and there simply come to enrich the whole result, and make the album even catchier. The songs are well arranged, and equally well produced at the Fredman Studios, and this completes the album in the best possible way. Although the spotlights on the album go to the guitarist, a very good job has also been done by the vocalist, but from the rhythm section as well. With their new release, the band shows that they are in a very creative period in their career, and that there's more nice things to expect in the future.



Martell said...

Is it just me or do that Nightrage album covers keep you awake at night. Oh and the music is pretty damn scary as well.

Victor said...

Well, I have never thought it that way. Metal is a whole philosophy sometimes, and covers do play a vital part of the album. I like the work of artists like Niclas Sundin, and the style that he has brought into cover artworks. As for the music, it's intense, the way a Swedish Death Metal album is supposed to be.