Friday, May 15, 2009

OBITUARY - Darkest Day

When it comes to Death Metal, few bands have connected their name so close with the genre as Obituary. After two years from their previous release, they are back, and they are back with a bang. Right from the first minute, the band is doing what they know what to do best, to play music, loud, aggressive, brutal, and catchy. Killer riffs, brutal growls and a very strong rhythm section, were the trademarks of the band, and are the key points of the new album as well. The music is very heavy, well performed, with nice and interesting ideas, and what I enjoyed most, are the various Slayer, Celtic Frost and Possessed influences here and there, that made the songs even more groovy. The songs are all moving at the same high quality level, with the band showing that they are in a very productive and inspirational period in their career. With no weak points, or songs that might sound boring, or repetitive, the album makes you participate, bang your head, and try to follow the rhythm, from the first, to the very last minute. Usually I don't point out specific songs, but listen to "Payback", which became a favorite, and you will understand. Well, what to say, this is an album that can proudly bear the name of the band. Don't miss it.


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