Wednesday, May 06, 2009

SWASHBUCKLE - Back To The Noose

Ok, here's a band that really makes the difference, both with their music, their attitude and the feeling of their music. The story starts about a year ago, when they managed to win the price in a Nuclear Blast international contest. They are from New Jersey, and they are playing a Thrash Metal with themes influenced from the piracy era, and a style that reminds enough of old school Thrash, and SOD, blended all together. Now, add some Hard Core influences, a few Latin melodic moments here and there, some theatrical dialogues, and you get the whole picture. An album that is as groovy as can be, with a few twists and turns, with melodies and brutal vocals, everything fit into it's place though. The musicianship is very good, either in the aggressive parts, or in the melodic ones, and the production is also moving to the same high quality. What is the most amazing thing is that the band managed to fit all those extraordinary influences into an album, and give the feeling that everything is needed and at it's place. Definitely a band to check out.


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