Monday, June 08, 2009

THE LOU GRAMM BAND - The Lou Gramm Band

As a youngster, Foreigner was the first band that really impressed me, and the first Rock album that came to my hands. So, even today, listening to those songs still brings chills on my spine, and the same feelings I got back then. When this album came to my hands, I was quite anxious of what should I expect, a new visit to my childhood, or a totally different experience. Well, to be honest, both are true, since this album is not a copy of those albums, although there are moments that bring memories of them. Melodic music, with excellent vocals, background and lead, as warm and unique as Lou Gramm has used us over the years, but with a more variety in styles, something that makes things more diverse, and the album even more fun to listen to. Ballads, and fast tempo songs, everything is here, but so well worked, that everything seems like a part of a bigger image. The melodies are plenty, either guitar, keyboard or vocal lines, but the band is using them in a wise way, while the songs, either fast or slower, are catchy, and make you sing or move along with the rhythm. The production is shiny enough for an album such as this, and leaves room for the music to evolve. Magnificent, well written, this album is one of those that become favorites. Whether you are an old AOR fan, or a younger who now discovers the genre, this album has plenty of things to offer.


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